About Junoon & Schools

India has a long unbroken history of the arts, with each region of the country throwing up a phenomenal diversity of arts expressions and practices. So much of who we are is in our arts and culture. Our passion as Junoon is to enable fellow Indians to experience this rich treasure house of our arts in ways they have never done before. So that the arts may be rich, stimulating windows into the diverse cultures, thoughts, histories and practices that make up our country. And so that the arts may also be intensely personal immersive experiences, opening up spaces of knowledge, understanding, questioning and empathy within
each one of us.

Taking the arts to young people across the country is a key focus of Junoon’s work. Arts at Play is our curated programme for schools across India.

Arts at Play has four offers: 

~ Theatre Adventures
~ Arts Encounters
~ Arts Week
~ Teachers’ Workshops

Each element is carefully conceptualised, designed and curated to bring the richness of arts practiced across India to people and to expand their horizons of knowledge, perspective and expression. Teachers are also included in all these journeys, and a special component is designed specifically for them so that they may be powerful guides to the young students under their care.

Over the last 7 years, the Arts at Play programme has reached out to…

We look forward to sharing the rich and wonderful arts worlds of India with you.


We, Junoon, are a theatre and arts organisation committed to sharing the rich and wonderful world of arts with people across India. We work closely with artists to create experiences and engagements that bridge gap between arts, artist and audiences. We work with one eye on the present and another on the future; a key focus area is taking the arts regularly to children and young people. We welcome journey partners, collaborators, well wishers and supporters – come join us and make possible an arts enriched world.

Junoon was founded by Sameera Iyengar and Sanjna Kapoor on 29 February 2012.