Arts Encounters : entering worlds of our great heritage

“A nation that ignores its art and culture is doomed to remain illiterate forever.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore, philosopher, poet, visionary

India has a long unbroken history of the arts, with each region of the country throwing up a phenomenal diversity of arts expressions and practices. So much of who we are is in our arts and culture. Junoon’s Arts Encounters bring performing arts from across India to your doorstep, so that students may experience and revel in the rich culture we have.

What is Arts Encounters?

Each Arts Encounter is a performance-interaction opening the doors to a unique performance form. Students and teachers get to know the heartbeat of a form – its essential structures, its specific guidelines for creativity, and its space for improvisation and play. They are also introduced to the cultures, histories and geographies that the forms arise from. And finally, they are treated to powerful performances by the professional artists, so that they may experience the magic and attraction of each form.

Junoon works closely with artists to create each Arts Encounter. We currently offer Arts Encounters in:

~ Bharatanatyam and Chhau
~ Carnatic and Western Classical Music
~ Contemporary Dance
~ Kathak
~ Kathakali
~ Kattaikkuttu
~ Kerala percussion
~ Nautanki
~ Puppetry
~ Theatre


~ Each encounter is with a professional performance group and created exclusively for young audiences.
~ The encounters are interactive performances, actively engaging the students through the duration.
~ The school may request arts encounters for primary, middle and/or senior school. Junoon will curate age-specific encounters accordingly.
~ The arts encounters take place in the school premises.
~ Each arts encounter is approximately 1½ hours in duration.

Programme Capacity

~ Arts Encounters are designed for a maximum of 500 students per day.
~ There would be 2 sessions a day, each attended by no more than 250 students and 30 teachers.
~ Schools may take Arts Encounters for 1 or more days.

What teachers say

“The students started to comprehend the various colours used in Kathakalli and also the precise reason behind them.”
~ Deepa Rosaline, Teacher, DPS Coimbatore

“The programme actually enhanced my knowledge about the Indian Classical Dance specially the session with Mrs. Vandana Alase Hazra where she exhibited different dance postures and the concept interpreted by them.”
~ Satya Prakash Gupta, Teacher, DPS Patna

“All the components of the programme were enthralling. The sessions with Ms. Preethi Athreya and her group and Ms. Paro Anand were awe-inspiring and have left me with indelible memories.”
~ Hampreet Sidana, Teacher, DPS Ludhiana

“Arts Encounter – Watching the Nautanki, Hanuman ki Ramayana and being a part of their interactive session. I saw and understood the technique of presenting/depicting a complete story so beautifully with just a few actors , some portraying more than character and also with minimal usage of props and varied costumes. We usually don’t get a chance to watch such performances.”
~ Anita Sharma, Teacher, Centre Point School, Nagpur