Arts Week : celebrating learning, nurturing creativity, curiosity and imagination

A week-long, immersive experience, the Arts Week combines exposure, learning and practice to open out the horizons of the mind for young people, while simultaneously building value for rigour, reflection, effort and determination. Students experience the power of teamwork and collaboration, and the joys of free creative expression. They learn how to transform working with what you have into magic and delight. They learn that it is in their power to create an interesting life for themselves.


Theatre Adventures
Students travel into the magical, transformative world of live performance with a delightful, age specific play by a professional theatre group.

Arts Encounter
Students journey into the heart of an Indian art form through an exhilarating interactive engagement with professional performers.

Meet the Artist
Students learn about the importance of conviction, courage, determination and rigour, by drawing inspiration from the life story of a reputed artist.

Towards Expression
Students become Magic Makers, Creative Collaborators, Delicious Designers, Amazing Advertisers, Dedicated Documenters, Raving Reviewers and Just Jurists. Facilitated by Gracious Guides (Teachers) and an Artist, they transform experience into expression. Along the way, they learn critical life skills: listening, communication, expression, teamwork, collaboration, working through ideas and appreciation for others.

Creative Showcase (culminating day)
Students collectively transform the school environment through an enchanting exhibition of their creative energy and expression, triggered by the entire Arts Week.


The Arts Week is designed for a maximum of 500 students with 30 participating teachers.

And all participants also get:

~ An official passport into the world of arts packed with fascinating trivia, little-known anecdotes, fun stories, delightful sketches, and enthralling facts.
~ An Arts at Play certificate jointly given by Junoon and the school for participation in the Arts Week.


“It was a joyful experience for me to attend this. I really found it different. I learned so many things. Thank you, Junoon, for giving us this opportunity.”
~ Siya Singla student, DPS Ludhiana

“I, as a teacher, learned to explore as well as enjoy the creativity which is hidden in me.”
~ Geetika Bhatta teacher, DPS Ludhiana

“The children took creative risks on the day of the performances and learnt from this.”
~ Manjima Chatterjee, teacher, Shiv Nadar School, Noida