Teachers’ Workshop : to play, to create, to discover

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
~ Albert Einstein

Junoon’s Teachers’ Workshops offer theatre and the arts as a powerful means to unleash the artistic potential of each teacher. Each individual participant in the workshop is taken through a journey of self-discovery, enabling him or her to tap into their own artistic self and bring that creativity into the classroom space and into their engagement with children.

Teaching is an art of inspiring young individuals to learn and to desire learning. This art calls for the teacher to be acutely mindful, and constantly aware and alert, to facilitate this process for their young students.

The arts teach us how to listen, understand and express in a multiplicity of ways, in order to communicate to audiences. Effective art makes deep impact and opens up new areas of learning, understanding and engaging
with the world.

Junoon’s Teachers’ Workshop is conceived by a team of artists and educators, to bring the immense power of the arts in service of joyful education. In a 2-day immersive engagement, led by a professional artist, teachers go through an intensive inward journey that refines their powers of observation, listening, articulation and expression.

Workshop methodology includes the use of dramatic methods, embodiment, stories and storytelling, and playing with metaphors to stimulate reflection and introspection.

Our Teachers’ workshops are built on artistic knowledge and processes to facilitate the teacher’s journey towards an enhanced consciousness of the art of teaching.

Workshop Modules

Schools could take Module 1 or Module 2. Module 2 is recommended for deeper impact.

Module 1:
~ 2 days workshop: 12 hrs (6 hrs a day)
~ 20 – 40 teachers

Module 2:
~ 2 days preliminary workshop: 12 hrs (6 hrs a day)
~ 6 month self-work period guided by Junoon
~ 2 days closing workshop: 12 hrs (6 hrs a day)
~ 20 – 40 teachers


Sanjna Kapoor is co-founder and director of Junoon, and runs the Arts at Play programme. She has played a leading role in nurturing theatre and the arts in India, including building Prithvi Theatre into the well-loved cultural hub it is today. Since 1987, she has also consistently focused on unleashing the arts for young people through workshops and plays, believing it is a key factor in their overall growth.

Sameera Iyengar is co-founder and director of Junoon, where she plays a key role in designing Junoon’s programmes. Her work with children includes building the Summertime programme of shows and workshops for children at Prithvi Theatre. She holds a PhD in theatre from the South Asia department of University of Chicago, and an SB in Mathematics with a Minor in Theatre from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Timira Gupta is a trained arts-based therapy practitioner, and works at a residential centre for children-at-risk in Mumbai. She is also a primary curriculum developer and trains teachers across various schools. A trained juggler and stilt-walker, her secret dream is to be a circus artist someday.

Sunil Shanbag is a Mumbai-based theatre director and producer, and the artistic director of the reputed theatre company, Arpana. When it comes to pushing boundaries and creating a benchmark in theatre, his reputation precedes him. Sunil Shanbag’s incredible portfolio of work includes acclaimed, well-loved plays like Sex, Morality and CensorshipStories in A SongMere Piya Gaye Rangoon and many more. Sunil is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with several independent films to his credit. Sunil was also awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Direction in the field of Theatre for the year 2017.


“This process was definitely valuable to me as learning is a continuous and life long process, we as teachers, even if we are masters in our own field /subject, may not be perfect as a facilitator. So such workshops are like fresh breather which help us in being flexible in our approach and considering the teaching process as a multidimensional one. The most valuable experience at this workshop is to know our colleagues in a much better way.”
~ Ritu Chandra, Middle School, Maths Teacher

“The workshop has given us an deep insight into our inner self and explore alternate teaching methods. It has also encouraged us to think ‘Out of Box’ and utilize the learning to tackle the students issues in different and interesting ways. Such activities rejuvenate us teachers…. and helps in imbibing new concepts and unlearning… things that creep into the monotonous routine. Such forums of discussions does help in making us more sensitive to the concerns of a child.”
~ Saritha Samir, Middle School, History, Political Science, Geography, Life and Thinking Skills

“I learnt how, in the class to connect with each child as an individual having each on a unique quality. And the most important thing, I learned to reach each child.”
~ Jaya Guruju, Junior School, Std II Class teacher

“I discovered that still I have a child inside me that still wants to live, learn and explore. This workshop was an eyeopener.”