Theatre Adventures : staging theatre, expanding horizons

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms,
the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another
the sense of what it is to be a human being.”
~ Oscar Wilde, writer and poet

Cultures in India have always known that stories are powerful vehicles for exploring ideas, asking questions, experiencing diverse worlds, and putting yourself in the shoes of others. Theatre, that form which uses movement, words, design, music to tell stories, is a particularly powerful form of storytelling as its very nature of bringing together multiple arts makes it accessible to a large variety of people. It also demands an active participation from the watching audience – worlds of theatre can only be created when the audience brings its imagination into play.

A healthy future depends upon future citizens able to imagine alternatives and possibilities creatively and with empathy. When a child grows up with theatre, a child grows up with honing these abilities within him or her.

“Theatre for children, fires the imagination, it gives our children the skills and the creativity necessary to face the world, to understand it and perhaps to change it too.”
~ Lyn Gardner, British Journalist, Writer & Theatre Critic

Theatre for children is a young, growing and exciting field in India. Junoon’s Theatre Adventures bring to students some of the very best of professional theatre shows, made especially with young audiences in mind.

We bring this theatre directly to you – into the intimacy of your school premises, transforming the school experience for your students on that day.

The theatre artists will also be available for conversation with your students post the show, giving them the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity about the show they’ve just seen, the art of theatre, and any other questions
they may have.


~ Each show is by a professional theatre group and created exclusively for young audiences.
~ The shows are followed by an interactive session.
~ The school may request shows for primary, middle and/or senior school. Junoon will curate age-specific shows accordingly.
~ The shows take place in the school premises.
~ Shows may range from 1 to 2 hrs in duration. There will be a 45 minute post-show interaction
with the artists.


~ Theatre Adventures is designed for a maximum of 600 students per day.
~ There would be 2 shows a day, each attended by no more than 300 students and 30 teachers.


Sur v/s Asur – Fascinating ideas were used. They developed the perspective of finding Sur and Asur in their daily environment.”
~ Shalini Babra, Teacher, Centre Point School, Nagpur

“I would love to watch more of the stage performances, as they were awesome.”
~ Bharti Tiwari, Teacher, DPS Agra

“Your play was something which was a new and a good experience.”
~ Sadhana Mishra, Teacher, DPS Agra